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Why Use Cat Flea Treatments?

Oh no, you start to see you cat starting to itch again. The first thing that probably comes to mind is FLEAS! What a pain! You will have to treat the cat with a cat flea treatment, wash all the bedding in the house, protect the kids or other animals in your house and get out and purchase a flea bomb! What a hassle! What if you could understand why the outbreaks occur and what if you could control them? I will explain it all to you in this article.

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Facts you did not want to know.

The adult fleas you ACTUALLY see jumping around on your cat’s body only makes up 5% of the population currently living on your cat! So if the adult population only makes up 5%, then what else is residing on your cat? Could this explain the reason why you have to fork out more and more money for this pest?

The answer is YES. Adult fleas will lay eggs. The eggs will make up 50% of the population alone! Once the eggs hatch open this stage is called larvae, almost like wee caterpillars or maggots which makes up the next 35% living on your cat. This is just disgusting! The last stage of the flea is a pupae stage or a cocoon stage – just like a butterfly – just not so pretty. The pupae stage accounts for the last 10% residing on your cat.

So how do you treat them and for how long? That’s the big question. Cat flea treatments such as cat collars do not only smell bad but are very toxic. I have seen many cats have very bad skin reactions to these, and also the cat owners who have a similar reaction. Any supermarket cat flea treatment should be avoided also, as they are poor quality and can badly harm your cat.





The best step is to visit your veterinarian. Only they know best. Products such as Advantage and Frontline are highly recommended. These products work by killing the flea at the adult and larvae stage. The egg and pupae stage are the hardest to kill, so cat flea treatment needs to be applied once every four to six weeks, depending on the product information.

If you miss an application, remember to apply it as soon as possible as cocoons will hatch into adult fleas who will start laying eggs and then the process has just begun again. It is advisable to apply a cat flea treatment once a month for the duration of your cat’s life, as it will be worth it. You will never have to worry about fleas in your bed, in your carpet, bites on you and your children ever again!

Using products such as Advantage Multi and Frontline Plus will further protect your cat from Flea Tapeworms which can make your cat very sick. So to use cat flea treatment is making sure your cat is healthy and making sure that you and your family is healthy as well!

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