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What Is It With Cat Urine Smell?

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It is not a pleasant odor or one that you can control very easily especially when there can be so many behavioral factors involved as to why your cat urine smell can be so potent!

The most obvious one comes to mind is when a male kitten is neutered. Usually if you neuter or de-sex your kitten around 6 months old before he becomes sexually mature, you probably won’t notice much of a smell in his urine at all. Once you start leaving your little male kitten to grow a bit older with out neutering him, just like puberty in human males, your kitten will develop in different ways too. As a male cat, he will need to protect his territory and by one way of doing this will be to produce a special scent in his urine. This is typically the potent cat urine smell most people complain of.

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Male cats will mark their territory by backing up to a straight object and squirt sprays of urine onto it, leaving a smell to warn other male cats away and if sexually mature, invite female cats to come looking. Unfortunately to humans, this means our couches, doors, beds and so forth because to the cat, this is his territory after all!

Even female cats can be quite protective of their territory and will also mark in the same way male cats do, and can even be a problem if your cats are neutered or spayed when triggered by enough motivation such as being stressed by new neighbors moving in or new strays entering the neighborhood, this can sometimes trigger the marking behaviour in cats meaning that headache for you! Not to mention the cat urine smell!

Territorial marking is only one of the ways that may cause your cat’s urine to smell, or to have accidents inside maybe on a regular or irregular basis. Various reasons can include an upset in the household as cats can pick up on stress very easily with the humans they live with. Stress in the cats themselves can onset very quickly and easily especially as cats do not adapt well to changes. Introduction to new pets into the house or as previously mentioned, a new feral cat in the neighborhood or new neighbors with pets.

Depending on what is affecting your cat to have these problems there are ways with treating the cat urine smell in your house without expensive cleaners. An important thing to remember is that cat urine is ammonia based, so throw those cleaners out now! The ammonia in these products will indicate to your cat that it’s okay to pee there, as they must have done it at some point before as ammonia residue is strong and will last for a very long time, and this is why humans hate the smell so much!

if you are concerned about your cat’s toileting mishaps, never be afraid to visit your veterinarian. This may mean your cat just needs help settling into a change that has recently happened so just like humans, a pill form of anti-depressant can be prescribed to your cat. Also a non-prescription product which disperses a scent not picked up by humans, mimics the facial pheromones of your cat which they give out when smooching your leg etc, this tells the cat that basically everything is okay, and not to be stressed! You will be amazed at the changes to your cat, and prevent unexpected cat urine smells in your upholstery!

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