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Understand and Stop Cat Scratching

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I know most cat owners have had the trouble with cat scratching for many a moon, so if you are reading this, you must be experiencing some trouble also.  Let me help you understand in this article and help you stop cat scratching in your home.  Possibly for good!

To understand why your cat likes to scratch everything around your home and garden, you will have to look to his ancestors and his bigger cousins, such as the Tiger, Lion, Leopard and so forth.  These big cats have huge territories in the wild and need to protect their territories by marking their boundaries.

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There are several ways for big cats to do this.  Most commonly there is spraying urine onto a vertical object such as a tree, bush or rock (See my ‘What Is It With Cat Urine Smell‘ article for more details on this).  The other most common method of territorial marking is scratching.  The big cats can scratch up grass and logs, even standing trees to get the point across to other animals in the habitat that this is their territory and to back off.

This is where your dear old tabby cat has still has some of his wild streak left in him so to speak.  With towns growing bigger and more cramp, cats are getting more and more territorial and stressed that their territory is under threat by the cute tortishell next door.  What is a cat to do?  Scratch out his territory!

While scratching out his territory this also helps the cat sharpen his claws, ready just incase there may be a battle in the coming future.  I also suspect that the territory cat uses it also to show off how big he or she is by stretching as far up the tree as possible scratching as high up as possible so when another cat comes across the markings, will be immediately warded off just by the shear hight of where the scratches are on the tree!

So how to put a stop cat scratching?  This one can be a difficult one to curb but can be very rewarding once you have mastered such a thing!  Especially when your furniture is at stake.

There are a wonderful array of products on the market out there from sticking carpet on the walls, buying fancy rolled up bits of cardboard for an exorbitant amount, to different types of cat scratcher poles to inclining scratch pads.  All of these devices can satisfy your cats need to scratch, you just need to observe what your cat likes doing the most then testing a few of the products out that you think would work.  Such as, if your cat is a tree scratcher, invest in a pole scratcher.  If your cat likes to scratch up grass or the carpet on the floor, invest in a scratcher that is in line with this habit.

All new things take time to use and your cat can take his time to show his appreciation for such a new object, so show your cat how to use it, put it in the most ‘scratched at’ spot so he has no choice but to use it, invest in some cat nip as well and smother it all over the new toy.  Cats are creatures of habit so forming a new one to stop cat scratching elsewhere can sometimes be exhausting but also a rewarding task.

If that does not work, use a favorite piece of furniture the cat has his heart set of to destroy and encourage him to use only this chair and not your new furniture!  Or find a nice sturdy piece of driftwood to add as a feature to your garden and also encourage him to use this.  Reward and praise often, your cat will soon get the idea and what all the fuss is about.

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