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Looking At Pet Cat Furniture

Choosing the right pet cat furniture can be hard. Cats can be quite fussy where they like to spend their time, so a lot of money can be wasted on expensive products just to have your pet cat turn his nose up at it!

So inexpensive pet cat furniture is the way to go in the first instance. Pet cat furniture can range from a simple cat bed, to a scratching pole or even a cat tree!

Cat trees are great, and even more so if you have a indoor cat. The cat tree will usually consist of a box as a base a couple of poles, a platform at the top and maybe another box half way up. Sizes vary but are usually about a meter tall and are always completely covered in carpet or rope or both.

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Cat scratching poles are great too, this gives the cat the chance to sharpen his claws and carry out his normal natural behaviour. The pole usually has a base covered in carpet and the pole can be covered in either rope or carpet. Some scratchers will have toys dangling from the to to make it even more enticing! The pole should be tall enough for your cat to stretch his body and sturdy enough that it won’t topple over on your cat while he’s scratching – otherwise he will never use it again!

Pet cat furniture such as cat beds, cat blanket, cat tents are all good products if you don’t like your cat sleeping on your bed, or just to give your cat somewhere to relax that’s somewhere of his own. A bed should be nice and comfy and big enough for him to stretch out on, a blanket should be nice and soft – cats are substrate specific, so if your cat loves your satin bed sheets then he won’t take to well to a woolen blanket! Use an old satin pillowcase and use as a lining in his bed. Make sure that the dyes used in the blankets and bedding are non toxic as some cats will knead and even suck at the blanket! This just means your cat is so happy, he’s remembering the days when he was a kitten, and the comfort of suckling from his mum!

Once you have worked out what your cat loves and hates, then you can look at getting into the more expensive furniture for your cat, as there is a lot of cool pet cat furniture out there!

If you have having trouble with your pet cat furniture being accepted by the fussy feline in your life, try smothering and rubbing catnip or catmint all over it. Turn it into a game and feed your cat in or around it if it’s a cat tree. Feliway can be found at most veterinarians although not cheap, it is effective. It works by mimicking your cats pheromones he leaves after he’s smooched something which is by all means territorial. The pheromones and invisible to us humans but it’s actually telling your cat that he’s already staked his claim on this piece of furniture, he just can’t remember it because he hasn’t… yet.

Pet cat furniture is always the best way of stopping your cat from destroying your couches and carpets. I dare you to just invest in one piece of furniture and you will have the happiest cat ever!

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