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Is Your Cat On The Right Cat Food Diet?

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Cat food diet.  No, it is not a fad hollywood diet to help slim down your cat in 10 days.  Finding the right cat food diet can determine the correct balance of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids or Fats / Oils and water in your cat’s diet for his age. In this article, I will help you understand more of why your cat needs this balance and how to tell at what stage your cat is at to choose the correct food for your cat.

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Your cat, your cat’s ancestors and bigger cousins are all classed as carnivores.  They eat meat for a living and not much else.  This is why it is important for your cat to have a diet high in protein.  They will not survive on much else.  Carbohydrates are used in the body to store energy which is typically used for hunting and killing prey, but for your cute cat, this will be used for trotting around the house and chasing the birds out on the lawn!

The Lipids or Fats and Oils are used to provide heat and also energy, but a lot quicker than carbohydrates.  Fats also provide insulation and protection for vital organs such as the heart and kidneys.  Vitamins are also needed at the just the right amount, as being deficient or and excess of vitamins in the body can cause serious illness and sometimes death.  Click here for a list of vitamins and their effects on the body if deficient or used in excess.

Last but not the least, water is the most important substance in any diet, human or animal.  Especially if your cat food diet typically consists of dry food.  The recommended water intake for a cat is 30 – 50 milliliters per kilogram of cat per day in fresh, clean water.  Any cat drinking less or more than this or has changed his drinking habits recently needs to visit a veterinarian promptly for a check up at over drinking can indicate kidney failure and so fourth.

There are plenty of foods out there on the market that are very inexpensive to very expensive.  Finding the right cat food diet along with it fitting the budget and goodness it will provide your cat can be tricky.  I always recommend a trip to your veterinarian and look into their products they sell.  These diets are usually of premium quality and can range in price, but will be more dependable than your supermarket cat food, and you can sometimes be pleasantly surprised that some premium foods can cost lest than supermarket foods, purely by the fact that since the premium foods have more power packed food, you generally do not have to feed as much so therefore not having to fork out huge cat food bills!

The life stages of the premium and some supermarket foods can vary.  The mains ones are:

Kitten.  Ages 0 – 1 years old.  Feed to kittens after weaning and also pregnant and lactating queens.  Why?  This food contains more protein and calcium to aid with development of the kittens.

Adult or Maintenance.  Ages 1 – 7 years old.  When reaching the age of 1, kitten food should gradually be replaced by adult food.  The kitten has done his growing and now just needs to maintain a healthy weight. 

Senior.  Ages 7 years and up.  When reaching the age of 7, adult food should slowly be changed to senior food.  This type of food has more energy and easier to digest protiens.  Also some senior foods help ward off some diseases such as kidney disease and hyperthyroidism.

Knowing how much to feed your cat is typically found on the back of the premium diet bags and is determined by the weight of your cat, so be careful not to overfeed or you may have an obese cat on your hands!

Alternatively there are also a number of diets that are catered for by the premium ranges.  Such as Obesity or Restricted Calorie for overweight cats.  Low Ph/s for urinary problems, Low Residue or Sensitive for sensitive stomachs and bowels, Dental to help reduce tartar build up, Renal for maintenance of kidney problems and so fourth.  Most of these products need to be prescribed by your veterinarian.

If in doubt, always ask your veterinarian, they will always know what is best for your cat food diet.

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