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Cat Training – Can It Really Be Done?

Now to a lot of people, training a cat or cat training can sound very odd and very hard to do. This can be the case but like dogs, a cat can learn to sit, lay down, fetch, climb ladders, and more all at a voice command! You do not need to be a professional trainer, you just need a lot of treats and a lot of patience.

It does not matter if you have just scooped your kitten up from the shelter or from the pet store, or have had your pet cat for 7 years. Cats are very intelligent creatures, and also creatures of habit, so training a cat can be timely but equally rewarding at the same time.

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With the aide of cat treats and repetition, your cat will learn quickly, make sure you have plenty of treats on hand, your in an environment free from distractions, your cat is well focused (not just woken up for sleep or so tired he is falling to sleep!), maybe even if you delay his meal a bit if your cat is not a treat focused cat, that way he will be willing to do a trick or two if that means being fed!

Start from the start, and be careful not to expect too much from your cat at first, as this is a new experience for him too. The options can be endless when you know how to start training your cat, so you want your first tricks to be easy and worthwhile for your cat otherwise he will get fed up and be stubborn.

Not only cat training will make your cat look super smart and you feel accomplishment for doing so, it actually creates a bond between you and your cat giving you both a better relationship.

The best command to start off with will have to be the sit command. Simple but effective. Key notes are to repeat the command over while gently applying pressure on your cat’s bottom to sit. Eventually your cat will get the idea and sit. Make sure you say the command “sit” while he’s actually sitting so he can put the two together. As soon as he sits, wether he stays sitting or not, the treat should be given to him as soon as possible, so he can make the association of sitting with the command and when he does that, he also gets a reward!

This process can be repeated time and time again until your cat training pays off and your cat will follow your command without treats. Make sure that every training session ends on a positive note and that your training sessions are not too long, otherwise your cat will get bored, and so will you!

Do not get too frustrated if training your cat takes longer than you expected. Keep at it, you will be pleasantly surprised the day your cat training pays off and you have a cute cat sitting down looking up at you wondering where his treat is!

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