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What Is The Best Cat Litter

In the wonderful world of feline accessories there are so many choices out there, so the question that gets asked by a lot of cat owners out there is which is the best cat litter?

Things that you thought you would never consider when buying cat litter is looking for a litter which cost effective, but also you want the best absorbency so your not having to clean out the litter box every time your cat goes for a wee. Odor control is a huge factor so every time your not alerted by a horrible smell after kitty has disappeared for a few hours!

Texture is important to cats as (learn this now as it’s very important!) as cats are substrate specific not site specific. This means unlike puppies who will learn to go time and time again in the same spot – kittens and cats will learn a substance or texture they like to visit during toilet stops, so no matter where you put your litter tray your cat will hunt that litter box down before going! So make sure you train your cat to the litter you want to use, otherwise if your cat gets used to eliminating on the carpet, you will find it hard to curb that bad habbit!

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Safety and how biodegradable are also factors to look into when buying the best cat litter. Clumping cat litters can be disastrous if your cat likes to chew on his cat litter, and dusty cat litters can play havoc on an asthmatic feline.

The most basic of cat litter is branded “kitty litter” and is clay-based and oil absorbent where mechanics use this to clean up oil spills and is very inexpensive, but is also very dusty and can track around the house quite easily. This litter does not clump so cleaning the tray can be difficult, as litters that do clump make the dirty spot easy to identify and dispose of leaving the rest of the clean cat litter to be reused.

Clumping cat litter is made from granulated bentonite clay and also contian crystalline silica. There are many clumping cat litters around on the market that offer various things, odor control, tracking control etc, so it is good to look around for one that you like and your cat likes. If you catch your cat eating it’s litter then I would strongly recommend to stay away from this type of litter.

Biodegradable litter can be made from plant, such as pine pellets, sawdust, recycled newspaper and so on. These litters can be more costly than some of the other brands but can benefit asthmatic cats and being natural are non-carcinogenic. These litters can be composted or flushed where others can not, and are very effective for deodorization.

But to make any cat litter the best cat litter, hygiene is the key and being in tune with your cat’s needs is important. Make sure you clean and disinfect your cat’s litter tray at least once a week, clean the litter out at least every second day as ammonia from the cat’s urine can increase and cause respiratory problems for your cat. Also for yourself, take care and make sure your clean and dry your hands throughly after handling your cat’s waste to avoid any unnecessary contamination.

When changing your cat from one type of litter to the next remember I mentioned above that cats are substrate specific. Changing their litter on them suddenly will cause confusion to your cat and he will be more likely to have accidents. The best way to avoid this while your changing your cat to the best cat litter, introduce it gradually by using a mix of 3/4 old cat litter to 1/4 new cat litter for a few days, then increasing it to 1/2 of the old litter and 1/2 of the new litter. After a few more days use 1/4 of the old litter and 3/4 of the new cat litter for a few more days and then finally use 100% of the new! If you find your cat is having difficulties, take a step back and continue with the mix where your cat was last happy with, and just ever so gradually change your cat to the new litter again. This can be a big process for some cats, where others can be happy with just about anything!

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